These Music Teachers Make More Money Than Their Boss. See Why He Couldn’t Be Happier About It.

Forbes-Logo-and-NameEmployee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Harvey Mackay said that, and it’s true even if you’re working with contractors. It’s rare to see that kind of commitment from the office, any office. In a world of Uber this and that, selling a personal touch is a novel idea. Especially if what you’re selling walks into your home and spends an hour with your child.

We need better teachers. We get attached to them. We revere them. And in the business of music education, they make the company go. But music teachers are musicians also, and musicians notoriously get ripped off in their industry. They don’t like being exploited and they regularly have to put up with second class treatment for first class work. Sound familiar? Read on to see how the founder of Forbes Music Company fights these battles for his teachers.

We’ve been there

Curtis Forbes, the founder of Forbes Music Company, has been there. He is the perpetual student, amateur, professional, teacher, professor, business development director, and company founder. He has been teaching and performing professionally for 20 years. And you can bet that anyone working at Forbes Music Company has intelligent insight into the world of music and music education. To paraphrase Kathryn Minshew, understanding the perspective of those with whom you work can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness. She was dead on.

Online music lesson

Mr. Forbes has a history of sticking his neck out so his teachers don’t have to. In 2008, he hiked Forbes Music teachers’ pay scales considerably compared to their regional average, hedging a bet that it would lead to a better experience for both teachers and students. He recently invested into technologies that would transform how teachers would schedule, clock, manage, and maintain their schedules. He implemented strategies and systems that streamlined the process and made it easy for teachers to do what they love and what they’re good at: teaching.

Work with Forbes Music, Find Your Success

Forbes Music has empowered teachers by promoting their brand and expertise, building client bases, increasing productivity, protecting them from the capricious, and eliminating all the junk that used come to along with it. And it worked. In 2014 there were a couple of teachers that made more money than he did, something unheard of in this business. In 2015, same story. His reaction?

“That means it’s working,” Forbes quipped. “We built a platform on core values that we believe teachers and students want to buy into. If we have teachers working that much and doing that well, we’re doing something right. The service we provide is second to none, and the music teachers are not only great musicians, they are also world-class human beings. That, indeed, is what separates Forbes Music. Teachers should be rewarded for their effort, commitment, and dedication to making their music lessons the greatest experience in a child’s life.”

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