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Man playing the drums in a band

Understanding Instrument Families: Percussion

The percussion family consists of musical instruments that produce sound by being struck, scraped, shaken or hit. Following the voice, percussion instruments are the oldest musical instruments in history and create some of the most exciting and vibrant sounds in

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Learning Chronicles In Music

With so many uniques paths to travel down in music, the possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of art- there is no right or wrong answer, simply differences of opinion. Welcome to Learning Chronicles. So Much Music With So Few

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Check our our new partner – Mathnasium!

  We’re proud to announce our partnership with Mathnasium of Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, and Scarsdale Central Avenue! As a champion of the local community, we’re excited to partner with Mathnasium in our effort to engage Westchester more deeply. By working with

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