5 Things You Need for Every Practice Session!


5 Things You Need for Every Practice Session:

Practicing can get monotonous over time, especially if you are practicing the same things over and over. Efficient practicing will help you progress through your pieces quickly and keep things fresh and exciting. So what do you need to keep your practice sessions efficient?

1. A quiet space

It is always best to find a quiet place where you can practice and not be interrupted or distracted by other people or things in the room. If you play piano or drum set, you might be stuck wherever your instrument fits, but try to make the area as focused on music as possible.

2. Your instrument

This seems like a no-brainer, but often times we forget our instrument at school or maybe it is at the shop being repaired. It is always best to practice with your instrument. But if you find yourself without an instrument, there are tons of things you can still work on! Rhythm and music theory come to mind! Discuss with your teacher how to best use your time without an instrument.

3. Your music and a pencil

Memorizing your music is a great skill to work on, but make sure you have your music to double check that you are memorizing correctly. Writing notes in your music is a great way to remember dynamics, tricky passages, and even note names! If you have a device to record your practice sessions, that can help as well.

4. A Plan

Plan what you are going to do with your practice time. Give yourself adequate time to warm up your body and your instrument. Play something familiar that always feels good and easy, and then work on some challenging things. Discuss with your teacher some strategies for planning your practice time.

5. Patience

If playing an instrument was easy, everyone would do it! Remember that it takes practice, enthusiasm and hard work to get better at any task. You will mess up at times (everyone does), but keep going and you will get better with time!

Courtesy of Leigh Ann – Former GM of Forbes Music Company in Westchester, NY as well as a former Voice and Piano teacher for the company. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Converse College as well as a Master of a Music in Opera/Musical Theatre Performance from SIU Carbondale. Principally a lyric soprano and oboist, Leigh Ann has a command of many different styles of music, from classical to modern pop.

Along with her professional ventures, Leigh Ann has been cast in a wide set of roles in performances, working with the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble and Hudson Theatre Ensemble in NYC. Her most memorable roles are Lily from The Secret Garden as well as Lauretta from Gianni Schicchi.

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